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Only SkyGolf spends the time and money to map its own courses

The revenue derived from our membership plans is applied toward building and maintaining our SkyCourse maps. We have more than one hundred SkyCaddie mappers around the world, driving to remote locations and spending hours recording critical target information from the ground using expensive sub-meter GPS equipment to give our members the most reliable course maps in the game. We send our SkyCaddie mappers out to update and remap thousands of courses every year. Membership revenue ensures that your SkyCaddie is always updated with the latest GPS and critical software information so your SkyCaddie game-day ready.

Only SkyGolf eliminates known errors contained in other map libraries

SkyGolf takes no such shortcuts when it comes to your game. Only SkyGolf walks every course with professional grade survey equipment to create original course maps, accurate within 1 yard. SkyGolf provides the most complete, most reliable and most precise course maps in the game. You can trust your SkyCaddie, just like Tour Players trust their caddie. SkyCaddie is the “Closest Thing to the Real Thing!”

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