Mapping Methodology

SkyCaddie Professional Mappers were trained to map golf courses the same way a Tour Caddie walks a course to verify a yardage book, and today, SkyGolf boasts a Worldwide SkyGolf Mapper Network.

SkyCaddie takes no shortcuts when it comes to your game. Only SkyCaddie walks every course with professional high precision grade survey equipment to create original course maps with precision of less than one yard. SkyCaddie provides the most complete, most reliable and most accurate course maps in the game so you can trust your SkyCaddie just like Tour Players trust their caddie.



Worldwide SkyGolf Mapper Network

  • Each Mapper has been through a training program developed by PGA TOUR Caddie and Yardage Book Author Mark Long.
  • SkyCaddie Mappers are golfers who have experience playing the game.
  • SkyCaddie Mappers use high precision, survey grade equipment to create accurate yardages just like Mark Long does for his yardages books on the PGA Tour.


SkyGolf’s Course Maps Worldwide

  • World’s largest and only collection of up-to-date course maps derived from primary data created with sub-meter, survey-grade GPS equipment.
  • All HoleVueTM images are rectified to ground data gathered by SkyCaddie mappers to ensure accuracy and reliablity.
  • Only one in GPS category using same trusted method employed to create PGA Tour yardage books by walking every course like a Tour Caddie with high precision GPS!

SkyGolf Mapping Facts & Figures

  • Average miles walked by a Mapper per 18-hole course: 7.65 miles
  • Total number of 18-hole courses sub-meter ground-mapped and re-mapped: 34,000
  • Total number of 9-hole courses sub-meter ground-mapped and re-mapped: 7,200
  • Total miles walked by SkyGolf® Mappers using survey grade, sub-meter equipment: 287,000 miles

Over 100 Million sub-meter primary data points recorded to date and growing! The only complete course map database in the world.


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