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Played today for the second time using PinPoint along with two others who had not seen it. As Neil Cavuto on Fox News says concerning Fox Business, if you don't have it then DEMAND IT! IT IS GREAT!! Even though it may only give you the center of the zone, everyone agreed it is the best thing to come along since peanut butter... Really guys, hound your pros to zone off the greens and get it to SkyGolf®. Remember, it doesn't cost the course one little penny. Hit it close!

- Ron Cole, SkyCaddie Member

There is not just one time that the SkyCaddie® saved my rear end. It is an asset EACH AND EVERY round of golf. One can adjust the SkyCaddie® pin placement on each hole for proper distance and club selection. It's a great tool to have!

- Cifford Conover – Winner – 2011 Golf Channel Am Tour Senior National Championship

Just wanted to give a little feedback from my first round played with the SGXW. The short answer...awesome. You guys have really simplified the user experience. The only time I needed to use the softies was during scoring. The use of landscape mode along with the RangeVue arcs removes any need for interaction, even when you aren't where you are supposed to Approach shots to the green needed no cursor manipulation thanks to the RangeVue arcs. I know that once PinPoint zones arrive to my home course this will only further enhance and simplify any interaction with the device, while sacrificing nothing. Keep up the good work!

Mark, SkyCaddie Member

The SkyCaddie didn't just save me a shot, it won me the tournament! I stepped onto the golf courses at the National Championship without ever seeing the courses before, with the exception of the Mountain course at La Quinta. My SkyCaddie was THE piece of equipment that helped me around the golf courses. You can hit perfect shots all day long, but if you hit them in the wrong direction or the wrong distance, it doesn't matter. My SkyCaddie gave me the confidence to hit the club that the yardage called for. It was great using the IntelliGreen technology to move the cursor to tucked pin positions and assess the risks involved.

Paul Erdman – Winner – 2011 Golf Channel Am Tour / National Championship

My SkyCaddie saved me several strokes throughout the championship. I cannot emphasize enough how imperative it is to not only have the right yardage to the center of the green, but be able to move the pin location around to get the exact yardage to the pin and the front/back of the green at that location and angle. One particular example would be the short Par-4 12th on the Stadium Course. I hit a 5-wood off the tee and put my ball in the fairway bunker. The pin was protected by very, very deep sand traps which surrounded 75% of the green and just before the green were these huge mounds that prevented you from seeing the green. The key was to hit a shot just right of the green to avoid those bunkers but not too far or short to get caught in one of the mounds. This was a time in which I needed precise yardage to the edge of the green and only my SkyCaddie could deliver those results.

Bilal Jordan – Winner – 2011 Golf Channel Am Tour / National Championship

There are too many examples when SkyCaddie saved me a stroke. The approaches into 9 and 18 on the Nicklaus Course, to carry the water to the green. The distance to the front of the green on #17 on the Stadium Course. Using my SkyCaddie to get perfect lay–up yardages into the par 5's. I could go on all day about strokes saved by my SkyCaddie. I know this sounds like a commercial, but, it is the truth and I think any golfer that uses them would tell you just how valuable they are to their game.

Jeff Couch – Winner – 2011 Golf Channel Am Tour Senior / National Championship

My SGX saves me a stroke or 2 every time I use it, especially with approach shots inside 150 yards. I have a difficult time judging distances so I rely on it heavily for proper club selection. It's totally eliminated my tendency to overshoot greens and/or come up short, due to not finishing a swing in fear of over-shooting a green. Knowing I have the right club gives me confidence in taking a full swing.

Dave, SkyCaddie Member

Just this past weekend I was golfing at Mountain View Golf Course, on the par 5 5th hole I had a good drive, but then hooked my 3 wood into the trees. As I was looking at the green I was thinking that I had about 180 left and had selected my 6 iron to hit over a bunker onto the green. I looked at my SkyCaddie and saw that the distance to center was 155 and when I went to HoleVue it showed the bunker was at 145 with a ridge just behind it that if I were to hit it would bounce right by the hole. I switched to an 8 iron since I was in the rough, hit my shot and hit it beautifully I ended up about 6 feet from the hole and putted it in for birdie.

Andrew, SkyCaddie Member

SkyCaddie saves me strokes EVERY ROUND. But just yesterday I was in the rough on a forced layup par 4. I was stuck under a tree and wasn't going to be able to play the normal 8 iron for the distance my SkyCaddie showed me. So looking at the front, center and back distances of the green, I pulled a 6 iron and took a nice easy swing knowing that I could easily punch a shot that should put me somewhere on the green. The shot came off perfectly, just under the tree branches and hit the front part of the green and trickled up to the center tier where I was able to 2-putt for par.

Kyle, SkyCaddie Member

I don't like looking for yard markers or guessing the distance to a certain point. So my SkyCaddie SGX helps me on every shot. Before I tee off, my SkyCaddie helps me determine how I am going to attack a hole. It provides me with the ideal tee shot distance and location, and it tells me what my remaining distance to the green will be. If I choose to hit the ball longer or shorter off the tee, I will know immediately what my next shot situation will be.

Clarence Ridley, SkyCaddie Member

I've only had my SkyCaddie for a few months, but it was a real blessing on my recent golf trip when we played four new courses. There were numerous times when you see the 150 yard marker but the SkyCaddie is saying 135 yards. By the end of the trip I had converted three golfers into believing what the SkyCaddie said over the course markers.

Doug, SkyCaddie Member

I was playing Eagle Creek Golf Club – Sycamore Course in Indianapolis (side note: it's across from the Indianapolis Colts complex) and I came up on a little par 3 I'd never played. If you would have asked me I would've sworn up and down that the flag was no further than 90 yards away; it looked so close. My SGX told me that the pin was actually at 119. I played my 119 club even though I thought I'd fly the green and stuck it within 3 feet.

Landon, SkyCaddie Member

Please let folks know that getting the course mapped is an imperative to my continued patronage! I LOVE my SkyCaddie and very seldom play courses that haven't been mapped (partly because most have already been mapped but even on those rare occasions when I come across one that isn't I generally pass and play something else). At this point I'd rather play with persimmon woods and balata balls than give up my SkyCaddie.

Steve, SkyCaddie Member



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